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SEO - Search Engine Optimisation

SEO is an abbreviation for Search Engine Optimisation


Optimisation is the process during which the web page owner (programmer) seeks to (create, modify, append pages) by adding certain detailed web pages rules and standards the purpose of which is prevent the web page from being displayed incorrectly in any browser and enhance the sensitivity of search engine robots (Google, Bing,…) and thus achieving an improved score in terms of obtained search engine results. The first optimisation step is the website validity – which means the website author has complied with all web page programming standards. The status may be verified at www.w3c.org , by filling in the respective field your website address and pressing the button Check. Subsequently, information is displayed on whether your web page includes some errors or not. In case the page is valid the second step the owner has to do is define for his/her own need an expression or phrase which should be found in search engines at the first position or the highest possible level. Such words are known as keywords. What follows after having defined the keywords is the promotion of the website itself mainly through registering in directories and search engines and establishing of the so called links.


Definition of terms - keyword

Keyword is the word or phrase which hits the substance of your web page and which is intended to attract strangers to visit your page. Therefore, if you have for example a website focused at Pizza and this pizzeria is located for example in London, your keywords will include the following: Pizza, Pizza London, pizza food, pizza delivery services.

Keywords selection is a very significant part of optimisation. Much significance is also attributed to the position of keywords in the web page wording in a variety of combinations and alternatives. Much of your optimising efforts with respect to PIZZA will be spent in vain if your web page is focused predominantly on motorcars.


SEO essential factors

Domain and URL addresses – The selection of domain is one of the first things to be taken into account when creating and designing the orientation of a new website.

Title tag - Tag "TITLE" is a very powerful tool not only in terms of SEO, but you will also be able to influence the position as well as the rate of clicks (CTR) bringing visitors to your web pages.

Meta tags - Meta tags are currently not used very frequently, yet there are some circumstances at the occurrence of which the use of Meta tags may be quite useful.

Header tags (headings) – The use of keywords in header tags is of greater significance than their use in normal text.

Further parts of html code – this section includes on-page techniques that could not have been included among those above.

Web page table of content – The table of content is the keystone of web pages. If the content of your web page lacks expressive power and there is too little text, your optimising efforts regardless their extent, may be spent in vain. On the other hand, if the table of content is excellent, of unique quality and relevant wording, your website will certainly attract lots of visitors.

Web structure – web accurate structure makes identification of requested information easier.


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