Information on registration in web-directories and search engines

Registration in catalogues is one of the most significant parts of off-page optimisation, because this method allows attracting lots of new customers.

Thanks to registering we can procure quality links to a web page which provides for higher positions in search engines such as, for example, Google, Yahoo or Bing. The visitors from catalogues have gained access to your page in a respective subcategory of a given catalogue and therefore it is most likely that what they are looking for is exactly the area covered by your page.


By registering in catalogues new guests visit your page with the use of two possibilities:

Visitors who come to your page right from other pages of a catalogue – providing, however, the page is located in the appropriate subcategory – those visitors have real interest in your web page.

Visitors who come via the use of search engines – owing to registering in catalogues your web page has more links and thus higher rating the result of which is that your web page is found higher in search results and that also means a greater number of visitors.

A great advantage is the fact that registration in catalogues is free in majority of cases.

Data needed for registration

The data needed for registering of personal web pages in catalogues include the following: name, description, page address ( URL) and e-mail. Registration of company web pages should also include a postal address, contact person and Company Identification Number (IČO). In some cases the registration is confirmed by an e-mail with information on registration, while the completion of registering requires additional clicking on an enclosed link found in the e-mail body.


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