Promotion of your page and increasing the number of links

Promotion – links


The entire off-page optimisation is based on how to obtain the most relevant, valuable and highest quality links for your pages. This activity may in general be divided into two basic groups: paid and unpaid, while the payment not necessarily effected in cash. Instead, the remuneration may have the form of exchanges of links, by placing them on your pages.

Registration in directories

Before you start creating the links and promote your web page make sure you have registered it in a variety of catalogues and search engines. When registering, keep on changing the reference title if possible by using keywords in different forms and with complementing words. This is the most effective method of establishing the links to your pages.

Link exchange

One of possible approaches allowing you establishing the links is the exchange of links. This is an agreement between two parties on linking both pages together.

Purchasing of links

Though the purchasing of links is a simple method, it is not always reliable and may not be functioning properly because you do not know what rating search engines allocate to a particular page – subordinate page, which will contain the link to your page.

Link baiting

The objective is to write or place on your page something what attracts the attention of potential visitor, an interesting video, for example, provoking other pages – webmasters to place links to this page.

PR articles

This used to be a very popular method for increasing the number of links. All you need to do is write an article which will then be published (together with your link) on other pages. This is effective, however, only if you are capable of conceiving new and new articles to gain new links because the duplicity is not admissible.

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